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February 19th, 2014

Psychiatry Chair Search Experts

Does your organization have a chair, vice-chair or other director-level psychiatry position it needs filled? Monroe & Weisbrod is the industry leader in this very specific area.

All we do is psychiatry, so our ability to exhaustively search for the very ideal Chairperson for your Psychiatry Department is unsurpassed. Why would you work with a firm whose people will work on Orthopedic Chair Search one day, followed by yours and a Dermatology Chair search the next day? Why would you have a firm that conducts CEO searches for the auto industry work on your psychiatry chair search?

We don’t claim to be the best in the world at everything; we only claim to be the best in the world at this very specific thing.

  • Our culture is solely Psychiatry-focused.
    Our competitors who broadly focus in physician executive search never truly focus, nor specialize in any any one particular physician specialty area, meaning that they equally neglect all specialties while never defining a niche. We are psychiatry focused for a reason and it’s based upon the principle that if you only do one thing, then you can do it better than anyone else.
  • Unsurpassed psychiatry database and ability to source psychiatrists.
    Our database of psychiatrists has been extensively enriched with data from everywhere from the AMA to state income tax records, but most importantly we have built this database organically over the years from our tireless work serving only the specialty of psychiatry.
  • Free “Airport Interviews.”
    While some staff psychiatry positions merely call for a candidate to have the requisite clinical qualifications, Chairpersons need to have an added degree of polish, a distinguished look and the right amount of charisma in order for them to be the quarterback your psychiatry department deserves. These are often qualities that can only be examined by an in-person meeting with a prospective Chair candidate and if they lack such qualities, then it’s simply not the worth the search committee’s time to interview them. We will determine beforehand if a candidate is worth interviewing and we will not bill you for our expenses in so doing.
  • Competitive Rates.
    We do not strive to be the cheapest firm to take on your search, but rather the best. That said, our rates are cheaper than our larger firm competitors and we will always beat any offer rate quote you receive from one of the major firms.
  • Smaller, boutique firm.
    As a smaller firm, we are able to truly provide you with the intensive, hands-on degree of service you deserve in conducting a Psychiatry Chair search, whereas with our larger, broadly-focused competitors you will simply feel like one of many.

Would you like to learn more? If so, please fill out the form below. We would honor the chance to speak with you, or perhaps come and visit your facility in order to introduce ourselves. We truly believe that we are the absolute, most ideal option for this very specific area of recruitment.

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Whether you are looking to recruit a psychiatrist, or you are a psychiatrist looking to be recruited, Monroe & Weisbord is your strategic partner of choice.

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