Seeking Psychiatrists or PMHNPs in Harrison, NY

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Seeking Psychiatrists or PMHNPs in Harrison, NY

Harrison, NY

We are looking for psychiatrists and psych NPs (PMHNP) in Harrison, NY. Full-time and part-time positions are available. If part-time, we would love to discuss which days of the week work best for you! 

Setting: Outpatient, mostly Adults

Hours: Monday - Friday, Standard Business Hours

Board certified: BC preferred, but not required

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Community info: Harrison is a town/village located 22 miles north of Manhattan. Although Harrison provides an easy commute to New York City, the way of life is easygoing and relaxed. The community is diversified with a population that includes a multitude of nationalities. In addition to magnificent homes, situated on sprawling acreage, Harrison has vibrant downtown neighborhoods with their own history and character. More than 27,000 residents enjoy living in an area convenient to shopping, restaurants, recreation, entertainment, public transportation and more. 

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