Methodology | Monroe & Weisbrod

our methodology

We strive for sustainable and long-term solutions to our client's psychiatrist needs. We use many proprietary and innovative methods developed in-house to fill our positions with the best-available candidates.

Direct mail

Through our years of recruiting psychiatrists, we have developed an extensive database of psychiatrists and their home addresses. Our datasets are meticulously structured and we send out carefully crafted mailpieces in a methodical manner that optimizes responses.

Cold calling

Cold calling is the tried and true strategy for sourcing candidates, which is why we still use it today. Using an algorithm developed in-house, we are able to determine exactly which psychiatrists meet the job's criteria and their likelyhood responding positively. This can drastically shorten the time wasted cold calling candidates who aren't qualified and decreases the overall cost of sourcing.

Email distribution

At Monroe & Weisbrod, we source the majority of our candiates through our email distribution efforts. We have an in-house tech team dedicated to ensuring our email efforts are unmmateched by anyone in the industry.

Passive candidate networking

It's not an uncommon occurance for us to learn of an organizations need of a psychiatrist and for us to already have a short-list of psychiatrist looking for a career jump into that exact position.

Referral bonus based sourcing

Referrals continue to return the highest-qualified and best-fitting psychiatrists and we encourage this with a financial incentive -- either to the referrer or a charity of their choice.