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Monroe & Weisbrod is the leading psychiatry-specific staffing firm that facilitates locum-tenens coverage of psychiatric prescribers. Please review our locum tenens psychiatry postings in the job board below for our featured locum-tenens positions. If you would like information about one of the positions below, or would like to learn about our other available positions, please give us a call to speak with an expert recruiter.

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Locum Full-Time Inpatient Adult Psychiatrist in Greenville, NC

Greenville, NC

Locum Full-Time Inpatient Adult Psychiatrist in Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, NY

Locum Full-Time Outpatient Adult Psychiatrist in West Brentwood, NY

West Brentwood, NY

Locum Full-Time Outpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in Liberty, NY

Liberty, NY

Locum Part-Time Outpatient Psychiatrist or PMHNP in Elmira, NY

Elmira, NY

Locum Full-Time Adult ACT Psychiatrist in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Locum Full-Time Outpatient Forensic Psychiatrist in Marcy, NY

Marcy, NY

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What Does Locum Tenens Psychiatric Work Look Like?

As a Locum Tenens Psychiatrist, you'll most likely be covering for permanent psychiatrists on vacation, maternity leave, or a leave of absence. An assignment can last anywhere from a few weeks to six months to even a few years. There are part-time and full-time Locum psychiatry jobs, plus plenty of Telepsychiatry jobs where work can be remote.

Benefits of Becoming a Locum Tenens Psychiatrist

One of the biggest reasons psychiatrists join the world of Locum Tenens is for the flexibility it offers. You aren't tied down to one job in one location, coming into the office day in and day out. Your assignments will change a few times a year, which can be exciting and will provide you with invaluable professional experience. There are tons of different settings and specialities to select from, whether it's at a hospital, private practice, in-patient clinic, out-patient clinic, or correctional facility. You can work with people of all different ages, from adolescents to older adults, as well as different backgrounds and mental health conditions, whether it's addiction services or taking care of veterans. You also get to feel out what it's like working in different work settings and with different colleagues, whether it's a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or another psychiatrist.

Who Does Locum Tenens Work Attract?

Locum Tenens work is an excellent option for all different types of psychiatrists.

New Psychiatrists

A psychiatrist who is fresh out of residency may want to gain experience by exploring different locations and types of work. This is also a great stepping stone to getting a permanent position.

Psychiatrists Seeking Flexibility

A psychiatrist who wants more flexibility and life/work balance would greatly benefit from locum tenens work, since they can choose from many different settings and/or work part-time if they so choose.

Psychiatrists Interested in Travel

Locum Tenens jobs are an excellent option for psychiatrists who are looking to explore new professional experiences and want to travel to many different locations.

Psychiatrists Approaching Retirement Age

A psychiatrist who is nearing retirement may greatly enjoy Locum Tenens work, as they will get the option of cutting down their hours and/or finding work in a location where they plan to retire.

Psychiatrists Waiting For Permanent Placement

This is a great work option for psychiatrists who would like to try out different settings and know for sure that they enjoy the work, before committing to a permanent position.

Who Benefits From Locum Tenens Psychiatrists

In the United States, there are an estimated 46.6 million adults who suffer from some form of mental illness. This number represents all forms of mental illness that range in degree of severity.

This number also represents 18.9% of U.S adults, however, only 19.8 million (at 42.6%) receive mental health services. So there is clearly a demand for increased psychiatric services for people with all ranges of mental health issues, from mild to moderate to severe. One of the main problems people face today to receive psychiatry is money and availability, especially if they live in a rural or even suburban area that does not have an accessible psychiatric facility or office. Especially when someone is suffering from a moderate or severe mental illness, it is imperative that they get the medicine and treatment they need, no matter their geographical location.

Where Locum Tenens Psychiatrists can step in.

As a Locum Tenen Psychiatrist, you get to treat and take care of each patient — who has just as much of a need for services as people in a more densely populated location. This makes the work all the more rewarding.

The Right Job For You: Become a Locum Tenens Psychiatrist Today

If all of the above information appeals to you, don't wait to become a Locum Tenens Psychiatrist! At Monroe & Weisbrod, we'll help you find the job that best matches your lifestyle and needs. Start your search today!