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Initial Consultation

Before we will agree to work on your psychiatry search assignement, we will need to speak with you in order to gather some basic information about your search.

This initial consultation is completely free and is an opportunity for mutual vetting. Please feel free to ask us any questions that come to mind, as we will certainly be asking you a number of questions in determining whether or not it will be mutually beneficial for you to engage our firm for physician recruiter services.

Site Visit

In most cases, subsequent to engaging our services, but prior to initiation of marketing your opening, we will come to your offices in order to conduct a new client site visit which is really a key part of the search process

A site visit is generally two-fold, in that we will tour both your offices and any relevant facilities, as well as the local community so that we can do an adequate promotion of both.

At this time we will also review the terms of employment for a prospective physician candidate and we will consult with you on how we can best craft an offer that will be competetive.

Marketing Campaign

In chosing our firm, you have chosen to embark upon the most comprehensive and polished nationwide recruitment campaign present within our industry today. We employ professional copy-writers and our marketing material in generally considered unsurpassed within the industry. We truly enable you to "put your best foot forward."

In promoting your opening we will use a number of tried and true vehicles for candidate sourcing, from the very tech-savvy methods like social media and broadcast emailing, all the way to the very old-school yet highly effective methods of "dialing for doctors" (as we like to call it), better known as "cold-calling." Such efforts will persist until we have referred to you an adequate number of candidates for you to interview for your open position. We will always pre-screen and pre-qualify all candidates we refer to you, so as to ensure that they posess the necessary requirements in order to be a viable candidate foir your job.


We will mutually determine with you which candidates we have referred that warrant further inquiry into their candidacy for your position in the form of first a phone interview and an in-person interview. We will coordinate and schedule all candidate interviews, to include helping with booking flight arrangements and preparation of the itinerary for the candidate's interview.

Offer / Negotiation

We will assist in crafting an offer for each candidate we refer who you desire to employ. We often encourage you to take a very agile stance with respect to candidate offers, since all physicians are not created equal and therefore some might be worth more than others.

While we are not lawyers and we do not warrant any great ability or qualification within navigating a morass of complicated legalese, we have found that often when we are intimately involved within the creation and modification of an employment contract, the need for and expense of legal oversight within the process is often greatly minimized.


We are closers. We know that more than anything else time kills deals and the longer a prospective candidate sits on an offer, the less likely they are to actually accept your offer. As such, we ahve a number of very effective methods and strategies for "closing" the candidate you desire within a reasonable amount of time.

As we have said above, this is just a rough outline and we would be happy to go into greater detail over the phone. Reach out now by calling 516-92-PSYCH (927-7924) or by clicking below in order to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced recruiters

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