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Full-time Psychiatrist Jobs

Below you will find our featured full-time psychiatry jobs. This includes vacant psychiatrist positions from a number of hospitals and community mental health centers that are seeking psychiatrists for either full-time direct employment, or full-time locum tenens. Should any job below interest you, or should you not see a job that is a good fit, give us a call to speak with an expert recruiter. We're happy to help you find a job that is a perfect fit for you!

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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Chicago

Chicago, IL

Full-Time Child Psychiatrist Position

Harrisburg, PA

Adult Psychiatrist Job in Upstate NY

Newburgh, NY

Adult/Geri Psychiatrist Opening

Los Angeles, CA

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Need

Poughkeepsie, NY

Medical Director Opportunity

Poughkeepsie, NY

Telehealth Position in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, GA

Full-Time Psychiatrist Need in San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

FT or PT Locums Positions

, PA

Full-Time Telehealth Need in Connecticut

Greenwich, CT

Full-Time Telehealth Position in Sacramento

Sacramento, CA

Full-Time C&L Adult Psychiatrist Opportunity

Trenton, NJ

Amazing Remote Psychiatrist Opportunity in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX

FT or PT Outpatient Psychiatrist

Buffalo, NY

Full or Part Time Texas Needs

Houston, TX

Full-Time New Jersey Psychiatrist Job

Elizabeth, NJ

Full-Time Child Psychiatrist

Bronx, NY

Full-Time Child Psychiatrist Opportunity

San Antonio, TX

Full-Time Residency Director Opportunity

Pittsburgh, PA

Full Time or Part Time Psychiatrist Opportunities

, TN

Full-Time Adult Psychiatrist (Permanent)

Athens, GA

Full-Time Adult Psychiatrist Need

Murfreesboro, TN

Full-Time Child Psychiatrist

Kansas City, MO

Part or Full-Time Psychiatrist

Chicago, IL

Adult or Geri Psychiatrist Residential Opportunity

Sacramento, CA

FT Adult Psychiatrist (Permanent)

Palm Springs, CA

Geriatric Psychiatrist (Perm Need)

Boston, MA

Permanent C&L Psychiatrist Need

Raleigh, NC

Inpatient Psychiatrist Opportunity (Part of Full-Time)

Jacksonville, NC

Adult Inpatient Psychiatrist

South of Atlanta, GA

Adult Inpatient Psychiatrist

Phoenix, AZ

Adult OR Geriatric Psychiatrist

Boston, MA

Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist (Permanent)

Bartow, FL

Residential Psychiatrist

Tarrytown, NY

Geriatric/Adult Psychiatrist (Contract or Permanent)

Paris, TN

Outpatient Psychiatrist (Permanent)

Milwaukee, WI

Medical Director Psychiatrist Job

Danville, PA

Adult Psychiatrist (Contract)

Roanoke, VA

Child & Adolescent/Addiction Psychiatrist (Contract)

Plattsburgh, NY

Psychiatrist - Director of Psychiatry (Permanent)

Prescott, AZ

Outpatient Private Practice (Permanent)

Richmond, VA

Child Psychiatrist (Permanent)

Chicago, IL

Outpatient Child Psychiatrist (Permanent Position)

Springfield, MA

Adult and or Child Psychiatrist (Contract)

Philadelphia, PA

Telepsychiatry Opportunities

, TX

Child Psychiatrist (Permanent)

Linville, NC

Inpatient Psychiatrist

Virginia Beach, VA

Adult Psychiatrist (Contract)

Washington, NC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (Contract)

Washington, NC

Adult Psychiatrist (Permanent)

Danville, PA

Adult Psychiatrist (Permanent)

Brooklyn, NY

Adult/Child Psychiatrist (Permanent)

Chambersburg, PA

Psychiatrist (Permanent)

Suburd of Richmond, VA

Inpatient Psychiatrist

Charlotte, NC

Adult OR Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist (Contract)

Prescott, AZ

Child Psychiatric APRN/NP (Permanent)

Helena, MT

Medical Director (Permanent Position)

Salem, MA

Adult Psychiatrist (Contract, FT or PT)

Hartford, CT

Inpatient Psychiatrist or Medical Director (Permanent Provider)

Boston, MA